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About us

Play Sport, trusted partner of Sports Companies

PLAY SPORT was founded 18 years ago with the aim of developing and promoting international contacts and relations between football clubs.

At PLAY SPORT, we organize and promote sport events, especially Football Tournaments in Italy and abroad. We provide a service to sports clubs and offer unique holidays: supported by their coaches and parents, children and young adults can play their favorite sport and confront themselves with new realities in unusual and exciting backgrounds, that vary from European capitals to the Adriatic Riviera.

PLAY SPORT harmonizes and merges Sport and Tourism to create football tournaments that are a recreational and educational experience starring children and young adults. These are a perfect opportunity for everybody to engage in healthy competition and share moments as a team in an itinerary of emotions, art, wellness, sport, and guaranteed fun.

PLAY SPORT is a travel agency and tour operator. As well as a wide range of tournaments, we offer clear information, transparent programs and terms of travel, efficiency and sports safety, and an excellent service, from planning the trip to finding the best hotel accommodation.

PLAY SPORT provides sports clubs with all the technical and operational tools they need to participate in the various international football events and tournaments throughout the year: Epiphany, Easter, April 25th, May 1st, and June 2nd long weekends, and in summer.

To view the wide range of tournaments you can choose from, click on the link below. It will open a section of the website that displays a calendar of the events with pictures and information regarding location, age groups and prices.

One last note: we chose the name PLAY SPORT because we believe sports should be considered a game and a valuable means to help children and young adults find themselves by overcoming potential obstacles. Sports are also a moment of personal and spiritual growth.

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"The real trophy is the one we win everyday with our kids."

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